We are very excited today, for today is the day ‘The Butterfly Ate The Pearl’ album is released. It is now available to purchase on CD and digitally. The vinyl will follow shortly. The CD comes in a gate-fold with inner sleeve pocket. It’s a beautiful package with front cover artwork by Lucy Dixon. Listen to the sampler below.

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Pantaleimon is so happy to announce that we have a cool new website to coincide with the release of the new album ‘The Butterfly Ate The Pearl’ and the creation of the new label Grass Girl Music.

You’ll find updated content, embedded audio and video, new photos, new biography, sassy slide shows, easy access to facebook/soundcloud/myspace etc.. You can now leave comments on news items, photos, etc., as we’d love to hear from you.

Hope you like it.

Pan x

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Announcing ‘The Butterfly Ate The Pearl’ CD Album is Available to Pre-Order Now

The Butterfly Ate The Pearl

I am very happy to announce that the new Pantaleimon album on CD is available to pre-order now. This is the very first release on my own record label Grass Girl Music (and the first Pantaleimon release since 2008’s Heart of the Sun). It’s been quite a journey to reach this point, as you’ll read below, and a long time coming. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the music – you can hear a sampler of all the tracks on the album on Soundcloud.

Buy The Butterfly Ate the Pearl here from Grass Girl Music

With the pre-order for the CD from Grass Girl Music you’ll receive additional goodies in the form of a free digital download of the entire album along with lyric booklet and an alternative mix of the title track. The beautiful vinyl edition of the album will be ready in the next few weeks and will be available from the store as soon as I have copies.

Here’s a little background to how ‘The Butterfly Ate The Pearl’ was created ~

I wrote the material for this album during the most tumultuous period of my life following my separation from David Tibet. The album was recorded and compiled between May 2011 and April 2012 in a little basement studio set-up I built in my new home. Once I had created the backbone of each track, and during the recording process, friends dropped by to add sounds here, and sounds there. Not to mention sounds from New York, Louisville and Melbourne. There are also a couple of co-writes on the album, and this has been an exciting new way of working for me. I was encouraged, and (dare I say it) quietly stunned by the warm reaction of those that heard the works in progress and were inspired to be a part of this project. I am so delighted by the sounds that everyone involved has contributed. So, through this process there developed a collective and organic energy to bring ‘The Butterfly Ate the Pearl’ truly to life. I deeply thank Hugo Race, Will Oldham (Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy), Polo Piatti, James Blackshaw, Otto Hauser (Vertiver), Jay Darlington (Oasis, Kula Shaker), Steve Finnerty (Alabama 3), Dan Price, Paul Phillips, Franco Naddei, Andrew Liles, and Robin Casinader for their contributions.

Finally, at the end of April 2012, I met up with Hugo Race and Franco Naddei at Franco’s wonderful studio (Cosabeat) in the Italian countryside. Imagine, there in the sunshine, afer many months working in a dark, damp basement, Hugo and I co-produced the album with Franco’s supersonic skills at the mixing desk. The results were sublime. We were very happy.

On my return to England, there was the question of how on earth I could release the album, as due to changes in my personal life I could not release it through the label that David Tibet and I had co-run for many years. Sending the album to various labels proved to be very positive – they all loved it very much – but there were no firm offers. So, after much encouragement from friends and a pivotal meeting with Paul Smith of Blast First Petit, I decided to set up my own label, Grass Girl Music.

All along the way, the creative process of recording the new album: creating the artwork; the design; the manufacturing; not to mention the setting up of the label itself, I’ve received so much help from friends. It was almost as though within the creating of this album something bigger than myself was at work. As though the Universe was just saying Yes! at every turn. It felt like I was being guided every step of the way.

And so, here it is, finally The Butterfly Ate the Pearl

I don’t have any financial backing from anyone, just the goodwill of you my dear friends, so I humbly ask for your help. Please spread the word by sharing the link to the album, and to the new videos – ‘If I Was’, and ‘Another World’.

Thank you,

With love,

Andria Degens AKA Pantaleimon


CD Album (GGM009CD)

1. Ember
2. Diamond River Run
3. The Butterfly Ate the Pearl
4. Elevation of a Dream
5. Another World
6. If I (Was)
7. Morning Star
8. Eagle Turning
9. Summer Reigns

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New Download Single – If I (Was)

We are happy to announce that ‘If I (Was)’, the new download single, will be released on 20th May 2013, featuring Hugo Race (guitar), James Blackshaw (bass), and Otto Hauser from Vetiver (drums). Pre-orders now up on Itunes, Amazon, etc. now. ‘Tis the first single to be lifted from the forthcoming album ‘The Butterfly Ate The Pearl’. The track will be accompanied by a music video directed and animated by Eric Leiser.

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