Pantaleimon (the name means ‘all-merciful’) is the pseudonym of British vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Andria Degens (dee-jens). Degens performs on guitar, keyboards, Indian harmonium, Appalachian dulcimers, bass, pedal board, vibraphone, bells, tambourine, and sansula, and utilises samples, loops, field recordings and special effects. Her music in particular explores themes of embodiment in landscape, transformation and the inner world. The result is trance-inducing baroque folk music that explores the experimental ends of work inspired by artists such as Kendra Smith, Nico, Espers, Mia Doi Todd, Kate Bush, and Steve Roach and filters it through obscure world music, Vedic chanting, and tribal rituals.

“Degens is a multi-instrumentalist but she doesn’t weave her music in traditional formats. Her songs have cool flowing qualities and she has a wonderfully smooth voice that really makes her music work on a variety of levels…. Way cool stuff… TOP PICK.” –

Since founding Pantaleimon in 1999 Andria has worked solo, and with artists and friends collaborating, such as Isobel Campbell, Jay Darlington (Kula Shaker, Oasis), Will Oldham, James Blackshaw, Hugo Race (Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, True Spirit), Cosey Fanni Tutti , Chris Carter, and Keith Wood.

“It seems that songs like these could only emerge from a soul that has been through a great deal of pain, only to emerge stronger and more resilient than ever. This is completely real and powerful music that can change and heal. The simplicity is monumental and the intent is strong. 10/10 ” Charles Franklin @ Foxy Digitalis

Besides her work as Pantaleimon, Andria was a member of David Tibet’s Current 93 and appears on many of Current 93’s releases from 1996 – 2009. She performs her beautiful stipped-backed version of ‘Idumea’ on Appalachian dulcimer on the album ‘Black Ships Ate The Sky’.

On The Dirty Three’s ‘Horse Stories’ she contributes vocals with Warren Ellis on the track ‘Horse’. Other contributions/collaborations are works on Susan Stenger’s ‘Soundtrack for an Exhibition’; appears on X-TG Desertshore/The Final Report; plays harmonium on Hugo Race’s ‘Between Hemispheres’ album. There are also collaborations with the band’s Strings of Consciousness and with Lüüp. More recently in 2021 she appears on Marc Pilley’s Arksong album ‘Ruin Valley Rising’.

Andria Degens has dipped her toes in the film world narrating a series of short films for the LA film director Cam Archer, and providing music for his ‘Wild Tigers I Have Known’ movie. She has also collaborated with Eric Leiser on her video singles ‘If I (Was)’ and ‘Ember’, and with Enrique Verdugo on ‘Another World’

In 2013 Degens established Grass Girl Music.

Pantaleimon and Andria Degens is published by Domino Publishing Company.

Andria lives on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon and is currently writing and recording for new releases in 2022/2023.

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