‘Change my World’ was originally released back in 2002. The title track is seen here in both vocal and instrumental varieties as digital download and on the CD. But the three live tracks are only available on the CD.

CD EP (GGM002)


“With floating harmonium-drenched ambience beneath it Degens lets her vocals soar across the track, like some kind of drug-infused folk singer or lost choral goddess. Maybe this is ambient-folk in fact, some kind of precursor to Grouper or Valet, and that can’t be anything but a good thing. Elsewhere we get haunting live recordings of ‘Bowing & Parting’, ‘Trees Hold Time’ and ‘Nature’s Child Sitting on the Mountain of Suan Mok’ all of them so delicate and sensitive you feel any sudden move might bring them crashing down. Gorgeous stuff!” – Boomkat