CLOUDBURST featured the first new recordings since Change My World in 2002.

The four tracks on this EP make up one conceptual piece, which culminates into a hypnotic and beautiful vocal track. Recorded at the Diving Bell Studio in Glasgow.

The first 100 copies of CLOUDBURST were initially available with a beautiful hand-printed book, PEELING ORANGES INTO FLOWERS.

CD EP (GGM003)


Andria Degens is based in Hastings, southern England, but the sparse clarity of her music as Pantaleimon seems to exist in its own unique, indefinable space. Three of these four tracks are crystalline instrumentals played on Appalachian dulcimer and bouzouki with a brittle, graceful sense of mood and spatial atmosphere. This is a kind of minimalist instrumental folk with spiritual undertones. The fourth track, “Numinosum”, is sung by Degens with a quietly centred intensity, somewhere between love song and devotional mantra, with a sedate, droning backing. Its vivid simplicity is, in its own quiet way, quite stunning.

The Wire