‘Under the Water’ was the first and only track released as a single from the album ‘Mercy Oceans’ .Beautifully presented as a one-sided clear vinyl 7″ single by Blue Sanct Records as part of their ‘Art Singles’ collection, it was limited to 500 copies.

The ‘B’ side and front cover includes screen printed artwork by Pantaleimon. This single features a different mix of ‘Under the Water’ to the version that eventually appeared on ‘Mercy Oceans’.


Here’s a gorgeous one-sided single. ‘Under The Water’ is an alternate version of a song scheduled for release on an upcoming solo LP, and it’s a brilliant, mystical breath of air of pure longing. The lyrics are simply structured and circular, the music is a mix of accoustic plucks and drones, and the mood is wonderfully doleful. Nice package too.


Be careful : this is a one sided shine-thru single. The only track is a beautiful meditation expressed by a droning harmonium, a minor key bouzouki, and voice, singing and playing as if showing the energy of a shining treasure under water, showing a glimpse of eternity, beautiful and eternal, with a nature that would disappear and becomes an illusion once you would bring the object out of the water. Beautiful.