From The Horse’s Mouth: Andria Degens (Pantaleimon) on The Butterfly Ate The Pearl HERE

Interview here

Phillip Bruce from Wicked Spins Radio spoke with Andria about the new album.

‘Listed’ Feature in Dusted Magazine

Dusted Magazine asked Andria to do a feature on her ‘Top 10 Most influential Albums’. 

my top 10 most influential albums.

Interview with That Music Magazine – Another World: Pantaleimon and the Search for Serenity

When I was in the States, and staying at a hotel on Monterey Bay, I had a chat with Erinn Fortson from That Music Magazine for an interview. We spoke about the album, travel, deep dark caves, the nature of sound and altered states. So hot off the press:  Here’s the interview

Diffuser FM ~ Pantaleimon’s Top 5 Psych Folk Albums

Recently I was asked by Diffuser FM to choose my favourite 20th Century psych folk albums. I am no expert, but I do know what I love…. There are a lot of albums I could have chosen from, but i went with the ones that have been the most influential.   Now, if only they’d asked me for my top 5 psych ROCK albums… that’d be a whole different story!

See my Top 5 Psych Folk Records Here