Change My World
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Pantaleimon — Change My World
Release date : Jan. 01, 2002
Label : Grass Girl Music, Durtro Jnana
  1. Change My World
  2. Change My World (Instrumental)
  3. Bowing And Parting (Live)
  4. Trees Hold Time (Live)
  5. Sitting On The Mountain Of Suan Mok (Live)

‘Change My World’ and ‘Change My World (instrumental) are available on all formats. The three live tracks are only available on the CD.

Recorded by Michael Lawrence and mixed by Steven Stapleton.

The three live tracks were recorded at the Bloomsbury Theatre, London in 2001: ‘Bowing & Parting’ and ‘Trees Hold Time’, accompanied by John Contreras on cello; ‘Sitting on the Mountain of Suan Mok’ with John Contreras (cello), Joe Budenholzer (guitar) and Ryan Lowe (backing vocals). Mixed by Michael Lawrence and Andria Degens.

Full colour, 4 panel digipak with full colour gold CD, featuring cover photograph of the artist tinted by Cosey Fanni Tutti.