Tall Trees
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Pantaleimon — Tall Trees
Release date : Jun. 01, 2008
Label : Grass Girl Music
  1. The Warming
  2. Dance of the Honey Bees
  3. Sing, Night Swallow
  4. Tall Trees

EP recorded and mixed in Dorset and East Sussex with Michael Tanner (Plinth) and Nick Palmer (Directorsound) in the Summer 2007. Also released by Abaton Book Company

The Warming – Michael Tanner: Vibraphone & Dulcitone

Dance of the Honey Bees – Andria Degens: Singing, Guitar, Harmonica, Clapping Hands

Sing, Night Swallow – Andria Degens: Singing, Michael Tanner & Nick Palmer: Very Large Harmonium

Tall Trees – Andria Degens: Singing, Michael Tanner: Guitar, Nick Palmer: Accordion

All songs by Andria Degens © and p 2008 Pantaleimon, except ‘The Warming’ © and p Michael Tanner 2008; ‘Tall Trees’ © and p Degens/Palmer/Tanner 2008; lyrics to ‘Tall Trees’ of unknown origin. On this occasion, Pantaleimon were Andria Degens with Michael Tanner and Nick Palmer. Recorded, mixed and produced by Andria Degens. Mastered by Andrew Liles. Front cover photograph from the series “Symphony Of Dreams” © Yolanda Reeves 2008.  Other Photography © Andria Degens. Graphics and layout by Lauren Winton.