Trees Hold Time PantaleimonTrees Hold Time
  1. Bowing And Parting
  2. Insignificant Dance
  3. Trees Hold Time
  4. Wasps Changing Gear As They Make Their Way Uphill
  5. Sitting On The Mountain Of Suan Mok
  6. Crater Full Of Goldfish
  7. Thomas's House In Quiet Contemplation

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Date : January 1, 1999


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“Pantaleimon is the solo project of Andria Degens, a floating member of Current 93. “Trees Hold Time” is a lazily strung out series of minimalist compositions driven by dulcimer, bouzouki, singing bowl and vocals. As repeated lullaby phrases are given time to accumulate and build, the effect is similar to the piling tones of Charlemagne Palestine’s piano pieces, with overtones slowly blooming and dying. Elsewhere, the grainy sound of bowed dulcimer gives “Trees Hold Time” a real devotional air, sharing a still, contemplative grace that’s almost medieval. On the tracks with vocals, Degens summons the lonesome spirit of the likes of mysterious UK folk legend Anne Briggs, haunted and out of time.”


“Pantaleimon is indeed haunting, but the impression I got and the word that soon came to my mind as I listened was ‘purity’ of sound, of artistry, of soul. I really enjoyed every moment of it — in part because I’m such a sucker for the sound of stringed instruments, played with incredible expression and imagination in this case. But I was also very taken with the vocal tracks. And both the music and the vocals struck me as highly original as well as emanating from an ageless tradition of folk music, though of what folk I cannot say and never want to know. It was a kind of fantasy folk — nothing kitsch or banal about it”.

– THOMAS LIGOTTI (award-winning horror novelist)

“I just listened to Pantaleimon in my car in Brussels during an afternoon between sun and rain… I was struck by the beautifully intimate way it has been recorded… immediately it seduces and lulls and serenades and hypnotises… a bowl resonating two strings slightly beat and singing together, the stroke of a string, it’s metalicness, the scratch then the harmony, then the beatings and the overtones and then the lovely decay sensual meditative fragile feminine, totally natural… I think again of the deliciousness of pure sound played with pure instruments, the warmth, the soul… there is nothing electronic that can compare… and then the delicious female voice… all the sounds on Pantaleimon come from forever… when were there not bells and bowls and strings and voices?… it’s from today but from hundred & thousands of years ago also… I think of the sirens on their island and poor Odysseus and his comrades… how could he have resisted such seductive beauty in their songs?… impossible and I can’t resist either… Pantaleimon is a siren of our time and her simple sonorous calming message a breath of fresh and aromatic resonating sound in air… bravo!”

– CHARLEMAGNE PALESTINE (composer/musician/artist)

“It is a beautiful piece of work, the music is instrumental to helping one shift plane and be more comfortable with the world around. Thank you for this gift, it has companioned some rich hours of reflection and the purity of voice is additional delight. A tone that seems to have arisen from the forest in the middle of the world. Thank you for making my creative days glow with this musical treasure”.

– JEREMY REED (writer/poet)

“This is an album of an ineffable and unique beauty, quite unlike anything I have ever heard”


“I love “Trees Hold Time”. Andria has a lovely pure voice and her spirit is evident in her work. What a soulful collection!”


“I think “Trees Hold Time” is truly beautiful, a perfect balance of music and space”.


“Love your CD. It’s just beautiful. Your music is really good and people will be lucky to see it live”.


“It is both beautiful and inspirational and I hope there are more Pantaleimon albums in the future. I just want to reiterate how much I love your singing voice. I could easily listen to a whole album of it”.


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